Subscription rates

Subscriptions are payable annually and run for a year. Generally the expiry date is set to the end of the quarter following the anniversary of payment.

There are several different categories of membership. A unit of accommodation means a self-catering property that is let as a holiday home or other short term use. It does not always mean a building. A building containing six separate flats counts as six units, also described as six front doors.

Individual Business

This category is for owners of self-catering businesses They are full members and have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, receive direct communications from EASCO, and are included in the holiday part of this website.

Subscription: £40 per year for up to three units of accommodation, plus £3.40 for each additional unit. For example if you own 5 cottages the subscription would be £40 plus 2 x £3.40, total £46.80 per year.


Our membership includes letting agencies as well as owners. Agencies are full members and the Agency has voting rights at the AGM.

Agencies with up to 1000 properties represented are charged £1.75 per property represented, subject to a minimum of £75. Only properties located in England are counted. Where an agency owns a subsidiary brand, all the properties of all the brands owned are counted together.

Independent agencies with more than 1000 front doors in their portfolio may be offered a discounted rate on an individual basis.

Agencies – Members of Major Consortia

We have negotiated arrangements with CAHHA and Cottageline on the understanding that all members of these groups are members of EASCO. The subscription is based on the number of “front doors” i.e. self-contained units of accommodation in the agency portfolio.

  • Up to 1000 front doors £1.35 per front door
  • 1001-2000 front doors £1.00 per front door
  • 2001-4000 front doors £0.85 per front door
  • 4001+ front doors £0.75 per front door

There is no maximum subscription. Pricing is based on ownership, not on brand, so if a parent company owns three brands, the parent company joins and the portfolios of all its brands are counted together. Properties that are not in England are not counted.


These are associations of owners who come together to represent local interests or for non-geographic marketing purposes. For example a marketing association with members throughout England or the UK would be in this category, as would a local group representing the owners of self-catering businesses in a particular town or area. The Association has voting rights at the AGM, but the members of the association do not. The association receives communications from EASCO and may pass it on to its own members.

Subscription: £1.25 per unit of accommodation represented, subject to a minimum of £50. (E.g. if there are 50 members with 100 cottages between them, subscription is £125)

Association Member

This means a member of an association that is an EASCO member. Association members are not members of EASCO in their own right and do not have voting rights, but some member benefits are extended to them because of their association’s membership. They do not receive direct communication from EASCO but material can be passed on by the secretary of the association or other organiser. Association Members can use the legal helpline and dispute resolution service if they wish. They cannot attend or vote at the EASCO AGM. They can take advantage of EASCO member discounts.

Membership Option: Association Members can become full individual EASCO members at the discounted rate of £25 for the first three units plus £3.40 for each additional unit.

Agency Represented Owner

This means an individual owner whose property is marketed by an agency that is a member of EASCO. These businesses are not EASCO members and any use of EASCO services must be through the agency. There is no opportunity to be listed on the holiday section of this website. However they may become individual EASCO members at the reduced rate of £25 for up to three units, and £3.40 per additional unit.

Commercial Members

Commercial members are companies providing services to the industry but who are not themselves providers of self-catering accommodation. The subscription is £100 per year. Commercial members receive membership benefits in so far as they are applicable to their business. However they don’t have a vote at the Annual General Meeting, and cannot stand for election to the EASCO Council.

Future Members

Future members are those who are planning to go into the self-catering industry but who have yet to do so. The subscription is £40 per year. They enjoy all membership benefits but are not entitled to stand for election to the EASCO Council or to vote at the A.G.M. If they begin operating as a self-caterer they will be able to convert to full membership and credit for the unusued part of the membership year will be given against a subscription for full membership. For example if you join as a future member and pay £40, but after six months become a self caterer, you can expect £20 credit towards the appropriate category of full membership.


EASCO is not registered for VAT, therefore subscriptions are not subject to VAT

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