Code of practice

Aims of this Code

The aim of this code is to create and maintain public confidence in HHA members, and to enhance and maintain the public standing and reputation of The HHA as a professional trade body.

General Principles

Members will be honest in all their business dealings and will conduct their businesses in a way that maintains both their own reputation and the reputation of The HHA.

Members will provide their customers with accommodation of the expected and advertised standard

All HHA members will comply with this code. HHA members will ensure that staff are trained or briefed as necessary to ensure that they are familiar with and meet the requirements of this code.

Financial Security

Agencies will ensure that money paid by the public as part or full payment of holiday charges is properly protected, pending the passing of those funds to owners, net of commission.

Marketing and Advertising

Advertising by HHA members will be clear and truthful

Descriptions of properties and their locations and neighbourhoods that are published by or on behalf of the member (whether on paper or online) shall be accurate. It is legitimate for such descriptions to highlight the merits of the property concerned but descriptions shall not be crafted to mislead the customer. Major disadvantages (for example the close proximity of a motorway) shall not be concealed by omission. Photographs that are published shall be a fair reflection of the subject depicted and shall not be used if they depict a property or other subject that has changed significantly since the photograph was taken.

HHA members will not employ high-pressure selling techniques.


Pre-contractual information will be made available to customers by EASCO Members. Terms and conditions will be clearly written and easily accessible by the customer, prior to confirming a booking.

As a minimum, terms and conditions in respects of cancellation rights, payment of deposits, date of final payment, and details of any core services that are subject to an additional charge will be advised before the customer is committed.

Members will comply with the Unfair Terms in Contracts Regulations 1999

Responsible Tourism

All HHA members are committed to responsible tourism and will adopt business policies and practices that promote care for the environment, respect for residents and others in the communities where they operate, and the economic wellbeing of their region.


Members shall ensure that all charges are notified to their customers before they make a final decision to book, other than exceptional charges for services not normally provided. If there are additional charges for linen, cleaning, energy, water or other essentials these must be made clear. Minor charges for optional services (e.g. coin-operated laundry machines) need not be mentioned provided that the customer has the option of obtaining these services elsewhere (e.g. public launderette).

Customer Relations

HHA members will reply to or at the least acknowledge any written complaint within one week of receipt and will investigate any complaint carefully.

HHA members will deal with an advocate or representative acting on behalf of a consumer (e.g. Citizens Advice Bureau) where that is the wish of the consumer.

HHA Members commit to using the HHA Dispute Resolution Service and accepting the mediator’s decision in the event that a complaint is submitted to the service by an dissatisfied client.

Service During a Stay

The arrangements for collection of keys where necessary will be clearly explained and any restrictions on times of collection will be explained.

Adequate information will be provided for guests during their stay either by personal explanation or in written form. This will include the operation of all building services and equipment.

A means of contacting the owner or agent as appropriate will be available.

  • At reasonable times, for customer service issues
  • At any time, for serious emergencies

HHA members will use their best endeavours to provide appropriate additional assistance to guests with special needs.

Version 1 Approved by EASCO Council 13-6-07
Updated 27/4/18 for change of name from EASCO to The HHA only

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