Service to members

Free Legal Helpline

Members of The HHA have access to a free legal helpline provided by Travlaw LLP. The service provides advice by telephone on any legal issue affecting your business, whether it be a problem with neighbours, a contract issue, litigation between your business and a customer or supplier, or a legal issue with a public authority. The helpline is available to all full members and in addition, members of member associations may use it.

Dispute Resolution Service

The Dispute Resolution Service offers a low-cost alternative to legal action, or to defending legal action, in the event that you are unable to resolve a dispute with a dissatisfied customer.

The independent arbitrator considers the view put forward by the complaining customer, and by the supplier business or agency, and reaches a binding decision. He or she only considers documents and photographs, there are no hearings, site visits, or meetings. The service is cheap, and ideal for resolving those occasional but sometimes intractable complaint situations where negotiations have proved fruitless and neither side will back down. All HHA Members commit to using the service in the event that it is necessary and this provides customers with substantial reassurance. They can book with confidence in the knowledge that, in the unlikely event that there is a serious dispute arising from the holiday, there is a way of resolving it without resorting to the courts. HHA membership is the mark of a responsible operator who can be trusted.

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